Online Course on International Cyber Diplomacy, Law and Norms

- 02-21-2022 08:00 - 02-25-2022 00:00

The objective of this course is to build capacity in government officials to engage meaningfully and effectively in international cybersecurity discussions, particularly within the United Nations’ First Committee, but also in other multilateral discussions, such as in regional organizations and in discussions and consultations with the private sector, civil society and academia. This certificate program provides participants with an overview of the normative framework of responsible state behavior promulgated by the UN, and other multilateral organizations. Further, the course will examine legal frameworks and tools to assist cross-border digital crime cooperation. Participants will gain a better understanding of the issues and challenges that dominate current international dialogues on cybersecurity, responsible state behaviour and cybernorms. Candidates should be public officials of the Permanent Missions to the OAS and to the UN, mainly diplomats from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, or officials responsible for contributing to debates on international cybersecurity rules and norms, both at the United Nations and elsewhere.