Working Group on Cooperation and Confidence-Building Measures in Cyberspace

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This Working Group was approved by OAS Member States in 2017 through resolution CICTE/RES.1/17, given the need for increased cooperation, transparency, predictability, and stability among States in the use of cyberspace.

The Group focuses on non-traditional Confidence Building Measures (CBMs), specifically those related to cyberspace. Member States of the OAS have agreed to the following CBMs:


  1. Provide information on national cybersecurity policies, such as national strategies, white papers, legal frameworks and other documents that each Member State considers relevant.
  2. Identify a national point of contact at the political level to discuss the implications of hemispheric cyber threats.
  3. Designate points of contact, if they do not currently exist, in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs with the purpose of facilitating work for cooperation and international dialogues on cybersecurity and cyberspace.
  4. Develop and strengthen capacity building through activities such as seminars, conferences, and workshops, for public and private officials in cyber diplomacy, among others.
  5. Encourage the incorporation of cybersecurity and cyberspace issues in basic training courses and training for diplomats and officials at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and other government agencies.
  6. Foster cooperation and exchange of best practices in cyber diplomacy, cybersecurity and cyberspace, through the establishment of working groups, other dialogue mechanisms and the signing of agreements between and among States.

This portal facilitates transparency and collaboration among its members as well as access to information, by providing a repository of policies and legislation related to cybersecurity and information on cyber and ministries of foreign affairs points of contacts from OAS Member States.

Data contained on the portal is administered by the Technical Secretariat of the Working Group , namely the CICTE/OAS as submitted voluntarily by its Member States.


Find upcoming trainings and webinars on cybersecurity and more capacity building opportunities that are of interest in the area.

UNIDIR International Cyber Crisis Management Regional Workshop - Organization of American States

How could regional cyber crisis measures be triggered? What are the most relevant and pressing region-specific vulnerabilities and threats? To stimulate the sharing of different views and experiences on the international/strategic implications of cyber crises and their management at the regional and multilateral levels, UNIDIR in partnership with the Organization of American States will co-host a half-day regional workshop. This workshop will cover: the relationship between the technical and political crisis management necessary in the cyber realm; cybersecurity efforts of Member States including through the implementation of norms and Member States’ expectations on the role of the UN in how regional organizations address cyber insecurity and prevent and manage cyber crisis. SPEAKERS: Please visit the event page for the list of speakers: PARTICIPANTS: Limited to government representatives. RSVP: Please register here by 14 February 2022. Registration is mandatory. The link to access the workshop will be provided by email to registered participants one day prior to the event.

02-15-2022 10:00 - 02-16-2022 00:00

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